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Prospect 100

Our mission

We solve problems clients may not know needed solving – in the right way, that works for the client. We don’t shy away from difficult requests or seemingly impossible deadlines.

We like the fact that each client is different – it’s an opportunity to bring our best people together and find solutions to complex challenges. We’re not here to give you an off-the-shelf service. That won’t work for you and it doesn’t work for us. Solutions that are designed right, built right and delivered right. Solutions that work for you today and tomorrow. Every time.

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Key facts

Founded 2012
100-200 employees
Estimated £37.7M Turnover
26% Growth in 2020
Cheat sheet
Amazing programme for both graduates and apprentices
Join a company that is rapidly growing, even throughout covid
Work on global projects
We nurture talent

Values we live by:


We own organisational challenges, going the extra mile to surprise and delight all our clients. When we say we’re here for you when you need us, we mean it.


We are passionate about doing things right, whether that’s people, processes, or technology. Our proven approach gets us to the right solution quickly and cost-effectively to deliver lasting value.


There is no point in simply telling you what you want to hear. We are very open and honest about challenges, telling you what you need to hear to earn your trust and do things the right way.


Complex or difficult projects don’t intimidate us. In fact, we welcome challenges, seeing them as an opportunity to collaborate, learn and improve.

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