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Our mission

We were founded in 2015 with a vision to make cities cleaner and more efficient places to live. We’ve since grown to a team of 1200+ people across 11 cities, in 8 countries around the world.We don’t accept the way things are done. We challenge legacy processes and always design from the ground up – never settling for anything but the best possible solution.

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Key facts

Founded 2015
1000+ employees
14Bn Valuation
Raised over 570M
Top 10 most valuable private UK companies
IPO expected 2021
Cheat sheet
Join one of the UK's most exciting companies right now
Be an integral part of the UK's main challenger to the automotive industry
Work alongside industry defining designers, engineers and innovators
"Making what you see in films a reality"

A career with Arrival will expose you to the bare-bones of a highly ambitious technology company, so if you’re interested in creating the future, not just talking about it, we’d love to hear from you.

Arrival has a unique blend of design, technology, engineering and innovation expertise. We’re building a team of people who are willing to question business and industry norms. Together, we’re tackling the biggest challenges facing transportation and mobility.

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