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Our mission

Bloom & Wild is re-inventing the $60B global flower industry. Over a billion flower exchanges take place every year and industry satisfaction levels are low. Driven by our core belief that you can never care too much or be too thoughtful, we do things a little differently. From inventing letterbox flowers to founding The Thoughtful Marketing Movement. And we’ve seen impressive traction to date - we are Europe’s largest direct to consumer flower company, growing at 160% year on year.

As the inventor of letterbox flowers, Bloom & Wild is powered by great ideas that are rooted in continuously improving the experience for our customers. On a mission to make sending and receiving flowers the joy it should be for both the sender and the recipient, we promise beautiful, brilliantly-designed letterbox surprises and make-a-statement bouquets. Our flowers are sent as the freshest buds, carefully packed and ready to bloom for arrangements that last. The result is almost 60k five star reviews and the status of the UK’s most-loved online florist.

Bloom & Wild
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Bloom & Wild

Key facts

Founded 2013
150+ employees
Raised 96M+
Estimated revenue 10M
Cheat sheet
Lots of holiday - 25 days holiday!
Free breakfast everyday
Tailored equipment - tell us what equipment you need to do your best work
Thirsty Thursdays (and Fridays) - work clocks out at 5pm on thursday and friday to enjoy some drinks

Since launching in 2013 we’ve raised multiple rounds of venture capital and private equity funding, which has allowed us to expand across Europe, and we now operate across the UK, Ireland, France, Germany and Austria. We’ve been named one of the 5 fastest growing tech companies in Europe and are alumni of Tech Nation’s Future Fifty. We were also one of the Sunday Times Top 100 Small Companies to Work For 2020.

We’ve got a brilliant ideas-led innovation culture. And we’re looking for people from all backgrounds to help drive our next exciting stage of growth. If you’re interested in joining us, please take a look at our open roles on our jobs tab.

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