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Our mission

Cowshed create branded video content that gets noticed for all the right reasons. Completely tailored to each channel, our work is built to make people think, feel and do. Get noticed. Go viral. Be unforgettable.

Cowshed Social
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Cowshed Social

Key facts

Founded 2019
11-50 employees
Over 100 video campaigns
Over 100M views
Cheat sheet
Work with the biggest creators on the planet!
Create new boundary breaking digital content (Does The Shoe Fit and Locked In... that was us!)
Work in a small team and have a big impact
Join a young team that is looking to innovate and grow!

Brands know that their audiences are on social. They know it’s the only place to have real interactions and conversations with them on a mass scale to build fans as well as customers. But for some reason, social content is often an after-thought, or it’s made up of off-cuts from other media, is unimaginative and lacking personality. If you know your audience is there, why wouldn’t you want to grab their attention, stop them in their tracks and say something they’ll both want to listen to, then tell someone else? That’s the sort of content we make.

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