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Our mission

DAZN is a ground-breaking live and on demand sports streaming service, giving sports fans the control and flexibility to watch their sports, their way. You don’t need a cable or satellite dish to watch it, so the setup is quick and simple. You can download the DAZN app and watch on multiple devices at home or on the go, all for an affordable price. It’s about putting sports fans first.

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Key facts

Founded 2015
2200 Employees
Estimated revenue 100M+
Operate in 25 countries
Expanding streaming service to over 200 countries
8M+ global users
Cheat sheet
AMBITIOUS - everyone here wants to make a big impact at a personal, company and customer level.
INVENTIVE - pushing boundaries, never settling, always restless, always wanting more for our customers.
PASSIONATE - this means showing commitment and pride in what we do every day.
SUPPORTIVE - we look out for each other and strive for inclusion and diversity in all we do.

Our goal is to change the world of sport for fans, connecting them and bringing them closer to every aspect of the game. Right now we need the best talent to join our team and help us achieve our mission.

We recognise that having the strongest workforce possible means hiring and developing the best people across all races, ethnicities, religions, age groups, sexual orientations and gender identities.

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