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7 in 10 people regularly experience financial stress and it costs employers billions across the world every year. The main trigger of financial stress is the misalignment of pay and expenses. The work has been done and the money earned, but employees don’t have access to it. Earnd on-demand pay gives employees control over when and how they get paid so your people can manage their pay, their way. When employees have flexible access to their pay they can budget better and are less reliant on high-cost credit.

The result? Happier and more engaged teams – increasing productivity, satisfaction and retention. And the best part? Earnd seamlessly integrates with all major payroll and time & attendance systems. We can be launch within a couple weeks – with little effort from payroll and HR teams. It’s easy to see why Earnd is so good for business.

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Key facts

Founded 2018
50-100 Employees
Raised 2.5M
Acquired by Greensill
Greensill has over 1000 employees
Greensill has raised 655M+
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Be part of a small team that is creating change in the financial world
Huge growth opportunities within the company
Join an organisation that
Travel opportunities to work between global offices

Founded in 2018 by Australian entrepreneurs Josh Vernon and Serge Kotlyarov, Earnd became a global company in 2020 with offices added in the UK and the US. From a large bill to an unexpected medical expense, Josh and Serge understand the negative impact bad timing can have on our finances. That’s why they started Earnd, to close the costly gap between earning money and getting paid.

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