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Prospect 100

Our mission

Our mission is to improve women's lives through smarter technology.

We approach problems as women and solve them as engineers, scientists and designers, starting with a real need and innovating around it.

We create new products, new solutions and a fair few conversations while we’re at it. We don’t do controversy for controversy’s sake, but we’re committed to talking candidly about women’s bodies in order to give them the products they deserve.

Armed with genuine female insight and world-class design expertise, we’re working to transform the way women think and feel about themselves.

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Key facts

Founded 2013
150+ employees
225M valuation
Raised 44.6M
4 key products
2 UK offices
Cheat sheet
Dismantle taboos and have a positive impact!
Join a company leading the femtech industry
Lots of personal development opportunities
Flexible work environment built on trust and autonomy

We develop smarter technology for women and are committed to building extraordinary products that improve women’s lives. It's a fascinating and challenging area to be addressing as it requires all our employees to stretch themselves and solve problems that no-one's tackled before. That's why we’re looking for skilled, curious individuals who want to grow by surrounding themselves with a diverse array of outstanding people.

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