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Our mission

Mediatonic is a games developer with over 300 devs across London, Brighton, Madrid and Leamington Spa and is a proud member of the Epic Games family. Best known for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, we delight in creating games that are joyful, inclusive and approachable; and love the weird, the surprising, and the wonderful. We build franchises with networking and social play at their core, on a constant quest to connect our players in new ways.

Mediatonic Games
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Mediatonic Games

Key facts

Founded 2005
300+ employees
150 games released
1 staff football team
Cheat sheet
flexible working hours
3x remote days weekly
private healthcare
create blockbuster games

As a creative business, we recognise that creativity is best inspired by different experiences and perspectives. We strive to create a culture of belonging, where all our colleagues feel welcome, supported and diversity is celebrated. We passionately believe that games are for everyone, whether we’re playing or creating them.

So if you're eager to tackle the biggest creative and technical challenges you can get your hands on, interested in working on diverse titles across multiple platforms and IPs, and are equipped with a deep love of games, we’d love to hear from you.

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