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Our mission

Push Doctor was the UK's first platform to offer video consultations with patients online and via smartphone – offering quick, easy and convenient access to NHS-trained, GMC-registered doctors.

Today, Push Doctor is a leading online GP provider and remote consultation enabler in the UK, connecting thousands of patients each week with clinicians and appointments available in minutes. Push Doctor has a current reach of 5.3 million people. Partnering with NHS GP practices and hospitals across Yorkshire, the North West, Midlands, London and the South East, Push Doctor provides patients with the option of a remote digital consultation.

Push Doctor
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Push Doctor

Key facts

Founded 2013
70+ employees
Raised 55M
Doctors on demand
5.3M users
Estimated revenue 5M+
Cheat sheet
Competitive pay - We believe people should be rewarded for their hard work.
In house gym - We are a healthcare company, so encourage you to be healthy!
Flexible start & finish times = Because we understand that you have a life outside of work.
Free snacks & drinks - To help keep you sustained throughout the day (healthy & unhealthy!)

We want to make healthcare more accessible and convenient for patients and clinicians alike. Patients being able to book an appointment online, or through our app, and be seen by an online doctor whenever they feel comfortable, whenever suits them – fundamentally changing our relationship with healthcare. We want to go even further, though.

We are a company united and energised around a mission and vision to get patients to the right care, quicker than before, reducing waiting times, improving recovery periods and cutting GPs' triaging workload, giving them more time to spend with patients that need it.

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