Prospect 100
Prospect 100

Our mission

The world’s first human intelligence platform
We capture real life moments, at scale and in people’s own words. Drive your next growth opportunity with our AI-powered analysis.

Our platform brings data to life from our 3.5M bees around the world. We address your strategic objectives and through our platform, help you uncover the most authentic customer insights. We give you the keys to embed the platform within your business so there is one source of truth when it comes to understanding your customers emotions, behavior and the context behind the ‘why’.

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Key facts

Founded 2015
200+ employees
3.5M users worldwide
Valuation 182M
Raised 50M+
18% BAME & 40% women in leadership
Cheat sheet
Team Meals - We come together regularly for breakfast, lunch, and drinks
Paid Volunteering Days - One day per quarter with a registered charity of your choice
The Latest Tech - Take your pick between an ultrabook PC or MacBook
Culture Champions - Any employee can plan sponsored social activities for the team

Dream big: remarkable outcomes come from untested paths. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn and try again. Dare to question, dare to ask, dare to fall.


No door policy. Be caring and supportive. Take pride in empowering your peers and learning from them. Open discussions and passionate conversations drive our success.


When you give your time to your work, you become a worker. When you also commit your intelligence, you become an expert. When you give it your heart too, you become an artist.


The success is in your hands. Reach out and grab it. Simplify. Focus. Deliver.

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