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Our mission

W Series is ground-breaking racing series for women that launched in October 2018. From day one, our ambitions have been big and they'll only get bigger.

We're here to shake up the industry, push aside stereotypes and change the face of motorsport, quite literally.

W Series will provide identical cars for 18-20 drivers in season one (2019), all of whom will have entered and passed a rigorous pre-selection programme/examination involving on-track testing, simulator appraisal, technical engineering tests and fitness trials.

W Series
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W Series

Key facts

Founded 2017
30+ employees
6 races per season
Races in 5 different countries
Cheat sheet
Be an early member of a team looking to create a world renowned racing series
Change the face of motorsport
Entertain on a global scale
Lots of travel opportunities

At the heart of W Series’ DNA is the firm belief that women can compete equally with men in motorsport. However, an all-female series is essential in order to force greater female participation. W Series is therefore a mission-driven competition, the aim of which is not only to provide exciting racing for spectators and viewers on a global scale, but also to equip its drivers with the experience and expertise with which they may progress their careers, racing and honing their skills in W Series before eventually graduating to existing high-level mainstream racing series.

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